Quovita CIC has received £150,000 of investment from the Health & Wellbeing Challenge Fund (South West) (H&WCF) managed by social investment company Resonance. The investment will make it possible for the company to grow its capacity, develop new IT systems and expand its areas of operation into Devon & Cornwall.

We at Quovita are truly dedicated to providing a means for our clients to live life in their own individual and unique ways. After all, just because a person finds they may need some extra assistance in their day to day life we need to support them to continue that life in their own chosen way.

Our aim is to shatter the accepted mould in health & social care.

We intend to remodel care delivery and improve our Service Users future, by actively supporting Service Providers - to connect families, friends and multidisciplinary teams.

We all need to share one story in support of our service user’s life in a personal yet professional and effective way, thereby playing a part in the journey we share.

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