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We know that the best outcomes in community care are based on genuine human connection and we believe that it is often Micro-providers who make this happen.

Sadly, healthcare commissioners lack the framework to match these carers with clients.

This is the problem we’ve solved with the Care Community platform. Now you can tap directly into the huge number of Micro-providers knowing that each one has been vetted to CQC standards.

How It Works

How The Care Community works

We verify Micro-providers

  • Employment history

  • DBS

  • Qualifications

  • Training

  • Identity & contact information

  • Disciplinary record

  • Insurance

  • Endorsements

  • Health

Local Authorities

  • Healthcare Commissioners receive a real-time list of only vetted applicants, ready to be matched with clients.

Our Beta Programme

Focus for launch

We are launching our platform with five local authorities during Q4 2020 and Q1 2021 and it runs for one year.

Our current focus is ensuring that the Micro-provider experience, and our vetting process, runs smoothly. One goal for the beta programme is to gather input from Local Authorities about their needs beyond receiving the list of vetted candidates.

We provide

  • The online platform (the technology)
  • A blend of automated and manual verification of candidates
  • A list of vetted candidates in your region
  • GDPR-compliant processing of information
  • Support with promotional messaging

Local Authorities provide

  • Local promotion of the platform to Micro-providers
  • Minimum number of Micro-providers registered (50)
  • A commitment to share their marketing materials with other local authorities in the beta programme

We will need a primary contact (with broad authority) to work with us during the programme. They will join a monthly beta programme call designed as a space to share what works and what doesn’t with other local authorities and us.

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A better way

We are a community interest company and are partly funded by Resonance, a social impact investment company. The Community Care platform does need to be self-supporting and as such we take a signup fee of £25 and a monthly subscription of £5.99 from Micro-providers.

  • With a budget from the local authority

    If funding is available, you have the option to part, or wholly, cover Micro-provider fees in order to roll out the platform in your region. I.E. covering the total annual fees for 50 Micro-providers would cost £4,844.00. This should increase sign-up rates as it lowers the bar to entry for busy care workers.

  • Without a budget from the local authority

    Alternatively, we can run a model where the fees are covered individually by Micro-providers. This opens up the beta programme for local authorities who otherwise might not have access. The only limitation is that it may be slightly harder to recruit Micro-providers as there is a fee to them.

  • For Micro-providers

    We are in a position to support some Micro-providers with discounted insurance (with Fish specialist insurance) and subscription fees if they enrol in our feedback programme. This runs as part of the beta, and it’s our way of getting rich feedback on the platform as we launch it.

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In Closing

Making it work for everyone

We believe that there isn’t a shortage of care workers, it’s simply that healthcare commissioners, Micro-providers, and clients are like ships passing in the night. We are working directly with the CQC, our innovation team, and partnering authorities to make this work for everyone.

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